Online Virtual Tradeshow Featuring Interactive 3D Meetings

Design Charrette 3D Virtual Tradeshow Featuring Interactive Meetings

The term "Charrette" has long been associated with design meetings focused on a project or group of projects. Charrettes, also known as "Design Charrettes", are utilized extensively by today's leading architectural and engineering firms. A good description of how charrettes have evolved over the years can be found here: 

One good thing about Design Charrettes is that a well organized meeting or series of meetings that stay focused on improving a project can produce successful results. However, the process of physically gathering the various team members together in a one location, such as a conference room or an auditorium, can be difficult and expensive.

Online virtual 3D Design Charrettes can eliminate travel expenses associated with getting geographically diverse team members together. Plus, online meetings can happen quickly without as much planning and lead-time as is often involved for in-person meetings.

Another huge bonus in using the Design Charrette 3D (DC3D) platform is the ongoing virtual tradeshow with interactive booths and informative host homes available online anytime. Perhaps you need more information about solar energy systems before you can make an educated decision... Or, maybe you think the idea of installing an electric vehicle charging station at your residence sounds appealing...

By visiting and interacting with the products, videos, brochures and virtual assistants inside the interactive booths and host homes you can gain knowledge that may prove beneficial for you and your project. The DC3D online platform is purposely designed to be intuitive to use, available for free and always open.

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Once registered you can participate in all future live and archived presentations, attend the Design Charrette 3D Virtual Tradeshow plus visit again anytime you want, 24 hours a day.

Stroll Through the Design Charrette 3D Interactive Host Home Village
The Design Charrette 3D (DC3D) online virtual platform has a unique village of "Host Homes" that provide topical information and can host virtual discussions and meetings. The homepage of the website includes the Host Home sponsors and topics scrolling along the bottom of the homepage.

Also, if you have registered for DC3D then you can open your personal map to instantly visit the Host Home(s) of interest to you.

Host Homes are staffed by interactive virtual assistants 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you. Sometimes there will be industry experts and other show attendees inside the host homes with you that you can interact with either by chat or by using the free video with sound communications option. 

This means that you can visit the tradeshow during the scheduled live events or special presentations and then come back later to meet with a particular exhibitor or trade expert at a time that is more convenient for both of you.

Or, you can return to the show anytime you want just to peruse each booth's products, technologies, literature and videos at your leisure. The DC3D virtual online tradeshow remains open and available for your convenience anytime you wish to visit.

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Live Online Events and Featured Presentations or Videos

The Design Charrette 3D Virtual Tradeshow platform...  
Tradeshow vendors provide you virtual assistance in learning about green, healthy, energy efficient and sustainable equipment, products, landscaping, services and everything you need for your green home through our EGM Connect 3D Virtual Tradeshow platform. 

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Background of the DC3D Virtual Online Tradeshow

The Design Charrette 3D (DC3D) Tradeshow platform structure is modeled after the very successful Energy Expositions held in the Kansas City area from 1976 through 1985. At their peak the KC Energy Expos attracted attendance numbers in excess of 55,000 attendees over a 4-day period.

These tradeshows included actual model homes built inside Bartle Hall Convention Center that event attendees could stroll through and personally examine the latest in energy and green features.

The key to success for these events was to not only showcase the latest in energy efficient and renewable products (during that time period) but to also have experts available to explain how to utilize these new technologies to the greatest extent. Attendees gave high marks to these shows because they could both see and learn more about new technologies in a visual format and in a compressed time frame.
Now we can extend these same benefits to you through our 3D Virtual format utilizing avatars for both live events and ongoing connectivity so you can return as often as you like, whenever you like.

We invite you to register and enjoy the show! 

Organizing Design Charrettes Using the DC3D Platform

A properly organized and managed Design Charrette typically requires a certified Design Charrette Facilitator to help keep things running smoothly and on track.

Learn more about how Design Charrette Facilitators can be of help to you and also how you can become a certified Facilitator as well at EnergySmart Institute.

Go to :

Visit the DC3D Master Website:

For details about the DC3D virtual platform and for informative articles please go to: also has project tracking capabilities to help you maintain your meetings and related information.

A Partial Listing of Exhibitor Categories

  • Lending Institutions & Private Investors Interested in Energy/Green Projects
  • Design/Build Professionals - Architects, Engineers, Certified Green Pros
  • New Construction - Products & Services for Residential - Commercial Buildings/Projects
  • Existing Buildings - Remodeling Companies, Energy/Green Retrofit Pros
  • Rebuilding After Disaster - Emerging Tech - Resilient Design/Construction, Zero Energy Buildings
  • Green Trades - Living Roofs, Landscape/Xeriscape, Water Conservation
  • Renewable/Clean Energy - Solar, Wind, Fuel Cells, Micro-Turbines, Storage
  • Product Suppliers - Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical, Building Materials
  • Crowdfunding for Energy/Renewables/Green Packages & Real Estate
  • Smart Home - Home Automation & Control, Wireless Tech, Entertainment
  • Smart Cars - Charging Stations, Electric/Hybrid Vehicles-Bikes-Campers
  • Energy Efficiency Trades - Energy Auditors/Raters, HVAC, Insulation, Windows
  • Intelligent Landscaping - Edible Vegetation - Organic - Greenhouses - Farming
  • Robotics - Household
  • Government/Non-Profits - Secondary Mortgage Market - Associations
DesignCharrette3D!Online Virtual Tradeshow Featuring Interactive 3D Meetings 2016-10-28 2016-10-31

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DesignCharrette3D!Online Virtual Tradeshow Featuring Interactive 3D Meetings 2016-10-28 2016-10-31

DesignCharrette3D!Online Virtual Tradeshow Featuring Interactive 3D Meetings 2016-10-28 2016-10-31

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